I recorded the narration stuff tonight, and I have all the video clips and pictures and stuff that Im gonna use too, so all thats left to do is put everything together and edit it, and add music. ;u; Im gonna start on that tomorrow, and I should hopefully have it done by the end of my film and video class on Friday! ^.^ Or Im gonna do my best to have it done by then, anyway. xD

I kind of ended up not being able to eat the sandwich I had in my lunch today, because the bread ended up being moldy, and just ehhhh. D: Dad had even checked it this morning, since he found the last of that loaf going moldy this morning, so somewhere between six and twelve it went bad. ;o; 

Ah well though, I had other food in my lunch, so that was good at least! :o 

Anyway, Id write more here tonight, but its already after eight forty five, so I have to get off for tonight. ;u; 

Ill be on again tomorrow for sure, though! ^^

Night guys! uvu